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(920) 623-1340


Dr. Dan Malone works with patients at locations in southcentral Wisconsin, including Madison and Columbus. He is committed to meeting the needs of each patient fully in terms of not only their health, but their schedule, lifestyle, and concerns as well. Specializing in rheumatology and carpal tunnel treatments, we strive to get you feeling like yourself once again. See the contact information for the other locations he works with below, and feel free to contact us or stop into the location nearest you.

Locations indicated below.

Medical Procedures of Wisconsin
1920 Monroe St.
Madison, WI 53711
At this location Dr. Malone does ultrasound guided procedures, including carpal tunnel releases and regenerative procedures, but no general rheumatology or other services.  This procedure center is directed by Dr. Eric Phillippi.

Prairie Ridge Health Rheumatology Clinic
A clinic of Columbus Community Hospital.
1511 Park Ave.
Columbus, WI 53925
Phone: 920-623-1200
Fax: 920-623-1340

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