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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Dr. Malone is one of the nation’s leading experts in Rheumatology Diagnostic Ultrasound, and ultrasound-guided injections. He is on the teaching faculty of several ultrasound schools, and he
has taught this skill to Rheumatology faculty and trainees at several
of the nation’s leading Medical Centers (e.g. Cleveland Clinic, Case
Western, Northwestern, Stanford, NYU). If your Rheumatologist does not use ultrasound, ask him/her WHY NOT? Then go find one that does!

NOTE! Use of ultrasound to guide injections is proven by studies on every joint in the body, to be superior to doing such injections the “old-fashioned” way; that is, with NO image guidance, essentially “guessing” at where the needle should go based on surface anatomy. DO NOT ACCEPT what you may hear from a doctor who does not use ultrasound to guide injections: “I’ve been doing this for years and I don’t need ultrasound, I can find the thing I want to inject without it.” Ultrasound-guided injections are superior to “blind” injections for a variety of reasons:

  • The ultrasound-guided injections are much less painful because throughout the procedure, Dr. Malone did injections the “old-fashioned way” for many years before taking up ultrasound to improve his technique, and it is very clear that the use of ultrasound is far superior for his patients. Using ultrasound, Dr. Malone can actually see the needle as it moves in real time. He can see the target, the projected needle pathway, and any STRUCTURES THAT NEED TO BE AVOIDED during the procedure, such as nerves, bones, blood vessels, tendons, and ligaments. In other words, needle placement is much more accurate with less tissue damage on the way in. Obviously, as a result, placement of the injected medications is also more accurate.
  • For the same reasons, placement of local anesthesia (such as Novocaine) is much faster, more accurate, and consequently, more effective.
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound can be also be used to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • OUTCOMES ARE BETTER with ultrasound guided procedures—to the patient this means faster and longer lasting relief of symptoms!
  • What doctors see from the outside from a physical examination is not always what they see when they look with ultrasound! The accuracy and utility of ultrasound in diagnosis should be very obvious. There was a time when only Superman could see through skin and to what is inside of us. Now with ultrasound, doctors can do the same. Ultrasound opens up an entirely new world of diagnosis at the touch of a button, without side effects, without radiation, and with great accuracy. Ultrasound examinations are done in minutes, right in Dr. Malone’s clinic. No waiting, no need to go to a radiology department or other facility, and it is covered by insurance, even Medicare.

Ultrasound diagnosis often prevents the performance of procedures that would not help, because Dr. Malone can actually see what is going on in the joints, tendons, bursae, bones, ligaments and cartilage. On many occasions, the ultrasound view tells Dr. Malone what procedures need to be done, and just as importantly, what procedures should NOT be done. If you would like to schedule a consultation with us in either Madison or Marshall, contact us today!